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Often known as "The Scottish play", Shakespeare's grim tragedy explores the themes of ambition, fate, deception and treachery.

Shakespeare Macbeth Guide
Study guides on Macbeth by Shakespeare. Printable or downloadable (PDF) versions with a guide to citing source.
Macbeth Theme Guide
This "Theme Page" set up by CLN (Community Learning Network) links to two types of resources related to the study of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content, etc.) to better understand the play.
Royal Shakespeare Company. Macbeth
Developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, this online resource provides a plot synopsis and gallery for Macbeth
Macbeth Study Guide(Absolute Shakespeare)
Absolute Shakespeare's Macbeth site offers students essays, a plot summary, quotes and characters study guides
Macbeth Navigator
Part of the Navigator hypertext study guides to Shakespeare's plays. Use these to understand the plot, characters, and themes in Macbeth.
Teaching Macbeth
(Folger Education)
Resources for teaching Macbeth, a play whose violence, magic, and explorations of ambition and evil continue to fascinate audiences
Macbeth (Sparknotes)
Literature summaries and resources
Macbeth(Cummings study guides)
This site also includes glossaries, quotations, historical background, a complete description and history of the Globe Theatre, and links to other information related to Shakespeare. Maintained by Michael J. Cummings, US Teacher, writer and English instructor)
The Land of Macbeth
Set up for Scottish tourism , it nevertheless offers some interesting information and overviews. Contains an interactive map following the passage of Macbeth through Scotland.
Enjoying "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare
The site provides lots of background and some speculation about the play. Offers some gruesome and entertaining facts about the play. Very easy to read.
Macbeth(No Fear Shakespeare)
The No Fear Shakespeare (Spark notes) study guides to Shakespeare’s plays put Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a translation into modern English.
Notable dates in Scottish History
This site provides a timeline of Scottish history
Macbeth (60 second recap)
This site provides Macbeth summaries in sixty second video segments. The home site offers great video resources designed to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding a range of great works of literature.
Macbeth on the Estate.(Film)
The somewhat controversial BBC adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Filmed on the Ladywood Estate in Birmingham, the play was devised and directed by Penny Woolcock and the residents of the Estate.
Macbeth (Rupert Goold's stage production on film)
From the PBS site, watch Rupert Goold’s /Macbeth starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Kate Fleetwood.
Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth Part 1 (BBC drama)
Top chef Joe Macbeth has worked hard to make Duncan Docherty's restaurant a success. So, when he's told it'll all be his one day, what's to stop him taking it now? Written by Peter Moffat and broadcast on 14th Nov 2005 this version stars James McAvoy, Keeley Hawes, Joseph Millson and Toby Kebbell.
Macbeth Part 1.: Macbeth Part 2 : Macbeth Part 3
BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales.
Macbeth - Play Summary & Analysis by Thug Notes
The video is a good way to introduce kids to Shakespeare on a level they can understand. It is not too long and presented in an interesting way that would grab attention.