Shakespeare - His Life and Times (The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)
One of the aims of this site this is to promote Shakespeare
Who was Shakespeare? (PBS Masterpiece Theatre
PBS Masterpiece Theatre has a brief biography of William Shakespeare and includes the names and dates of his plays and poems. Click on "Will's Words" to play an interactive game in which you identify which words Shakespeare coined.
William Shakespeare of Stratford-Upon-Avon: Brief History, Times and References
Explore Shakespeare's world and learn about his education and the education system of the time. This site also contains bibliographies on different subjects, including food, costume, and medicine.
Shakespeare: His Life in Context
Read about William Shakespeare's life on this page. Includes pictures.
Shakespeare's Historic Stratford-upon-Avon
"And this is how the locals saw the first 25 years of Elizabeth I". Read an informative tale of Shakespearen times, told from a townsman's point of view.
Stratford-Upon-Avon Walkabout
Take a stroll through Shakespeare's birthplace. This interactive tour allows you to choose a street and then walk down it. Just click on the desired street name, and then navigate using the provided tool.
The William Shakespeare Properties
Learn the history behind several of England's historic homes, including Shakespeare's birthplace, Anne Hathaway's cottage, and Mary Arden's house.
William Shakespeare (enotes)
Study guides on William Shakespeare. A summary of the life of Shakespeare, lots of links to longer essays, facts, chronology of his life and more. Also includes printable or downloadable (PDF) versions with a guide to citing source.
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
This is a very comprehensive site devoted to Shakespeare. Included on the main page are links to a timeline, genealogy chart and to Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare (retelling Shakespeare’s stories). You can use the site to view a list of his works and to learn about his life and times and do a quiz.
Renaissance Period
Learn all about the Renaissance Period including the people, literature, culture, and more. There are a few hands-on activites, such as becoming a spice trader.
Shakespeare's Life and Times (Internet Shakespeare editions)
Comprehensive sites that started out as part of a University masters degree course the Shakespeare Resource Centre has continued to be updated regularly by the author. Provides, on a single site, links to many Shakespeare sites on the Web.
The life and times of Queen Elizabeth I
In-depth website that offers a huge range of information and good internet links.