Henry Fuseli - Hamlet and the Ghost (1789)

Brazilian Actor Sergio Cardoso as Hamlet

Hamlet TimelineFrom Hamlet: the undiscovered country
The chronology of Hamlet. This site focuses on the timeline of events in Shakespeare's play. There are links to explanations about many of the featured events.
Hamlet on the Ramparts
Hamlet on the Ramparts is a continuously evolving collection. It will add texts, images, films, sound recordings and other digitial resources. Also included is commentary and guides to all materials and detailed lesson plans written by expert teachers from around the country (US). The site maintained by the MIT Shakespeare Project in collaboration with the Folger Shakespeare Library and other institutions
Hamlet (from ShakespeareHelp)
The site offers study notes and guides on the more popular Shakespearian plays. It includes videos, images, links, quizzes, lessons plans and powerpoint presentations
21 lines of Shakespeare
Created by The State Library of Victoria, this resource presents four video clips of different performances (by the same actors) of an extract from Act III, Scene ii of Hamlet. Each video emphasises different moods and emotions expressed by the characters Hamlet and Ophelia. This fifth clip is a scrolling script of the same lines for use by the students when they perform this scene.
Hamlet - introductory notes
Notes that will serve as an introduction to the basic themes of Hamlet. Designed for someone reading the play for the first time.
Hamlet: Navigator
Part of the Navigator hypertext study guides to Shakespeare's plays. Use them to understand plot, characters, and themes.
Royal Shakespeare Company. Hamlet
Developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, this online resource provides a plot synopsis and gallery for Hamlet
Hamlet(Absolute Shakespeare)
Shakespeare's Hamlet using Absolute Shakespeare's Hamlet. Offers essays, plot summary, quotes and characters study guides.
Hamlet study guide(No Fear Shakespeare)
Study guides to Shakespeare's plays plus a modern translation. The No Fear Shakespeare (Sparknotes) sites puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a translation into modern English.
Hamlet Study notes(Sparknotes)
The Hamlet SparkNote guide contains sections on context, plot, themes, characters, overall summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis and text questions.
Hamlet (at e-Notes)
Offers study guides, question and answer forums, literature criticism and reference content for Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Hamlet Analysis(Schmoop)
Hamlet analysis by Ph.D. students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley
Hamlet(60 Second Recap)
This site provides Hamlet summaries in sixty second video segments. The homesites offers great video resource designed to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding a range of great works of literature
Hamlet Site - Movie vs. Play
Part of the VCCS litonline site - Virginia Community College System. This site looks at Franco Zeffirelli's film interpretation of Hamlet.
Hamlet - Play Summary & Analysis (by Thug Notes)
This video is a good way to introduce kids to Shakespeare on a level they can understand. It is not too long and presented in an interesting way that would grab attention.